Is electrolysis right for me?

You may feel like you are alone in having unwanted hair, but you're really not. Believe it or not, your hair problems are probably typical. There are many reasons people - both men and women - turn to electrolysis as the best way to remove hair. No matter what the specific problem area, age, gender, hair or skin type, hair color or skin color - you have plenty of company and electrolysis can help. Every day, people just like you choose electrolysis as a permanent, safe, and effective solution.

Electrolyis hair removal for breasts and sensitive areas

Breasts & Sensitive Areas

Professionally performed electrolysis safely and permanently eliminates unwanted hair from the breasts and other sensitive areas with unsurpassed results.

Electrolysis for coarse, curly, or wavy hair

Coarse Curly Hair

Electrolysis can help address common issues arising from curly, wavy or coarse hair. Ingrown hairs, raised bumps and darker skin areas are common problems for people with these types of hair who use temporary hair removal methods, such as tweezing.

Electrolysis works for all skin tones.

Dark Skin

Dark skin is a challenge for some hair removal methods, but not for electrolysis. If you've heard that your skin tone means that you are not a candidate for hair removal treatments, then you need to speak to an electrolgist. Electrolysis is effective on all skin colors and types of hair.

Electrolysis for hormonally caused hair growth

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes causing the growth of unwanted excess facial or body hair can be triggered by more than just age or pregnancy. Electrolysis helps eliminate unwanted hair growth triggered by puberty, menopause, pregnancy, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), other underlying medical condition, your genetic makeup, and even some medications.

Electrolysis eliminates unwanted hair caused by PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

For diagnosis and treatment of PCOS, you will need to see an endocrinologist (hormone specialist). For the unwanted hair caused by PCOS, the solution is electrolysis. While electrologists cannot diagnose, they do recognize what is not normal and can ask you questions that will help you have further discussions with your physician.

Permanent hair removal may be part of your affirmation process. Your electrologist is your ally in your transition to your true self.

Gender Affirmation

Your own sense of personal beauty is based on your insight into who you uniquely are, which is the whole reason for your gender transition. If you are looking for a treatment to permanently remove facial hair and excess body hair as part of gender reassignment, electrolysis is the solution for you.

Electrolysis hair removal for eyebrows and unwanted facial hair in teens


Physical changes that come with adolescence, like thick eyebrows for boys or facial hair for girls, can make a stressful time of life unbearable. If you're a teen or the parent of a teen, rest assured that there is a permanent solution for removing excess hair safely, comfortably and conveniently: electrolysis.

Electrolysis gives men a confident, well-groomed appearance.


A well groomed appearance is important in business as well as socially. Beyond that, some men just naturally have too much body hair for their own sense of style, or their partner's aesthetic taste. Many men use electrolysis to tame beard hair, neck hair, ear hair, back hair, chest hair, and other unwanted excess hair.

Electrolysis hair removal can give you the competitive edge in swimming and other endurance sports.


In athletic competition, even a fraction of a second can make a difference. A streamlined profile can cut down on wind or water friction, provide a comfortable "feel" during athletic activity and make hygiene easier.

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